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  • Posted on: 2 January 2016
  • By: GOFAadmin

CRD Recycling, Compost and Trash Management

  • Recycling
    1. The link below provides details on the Capital Regional District (CRD) blue box program.
        Please note the new requirement to separate/group all glass and that lids be separately recycled as metal or plastic. which can be grouped together.
        Glass, tins, plastics, etc. are to be washed/rinsed.
        Broken glass must be trashed. The workers will not accept broken glass.
        In Saanich, the scheduled: “Blue Box Thursday” occurs every second week
    2. Compost
        GOFA is a member of the Community Compost program. The large GREEN bin behind the rear gate is collected once each month and a bag of compost delivered in exchange for compostable waste. The kitchen scrap bin (under the sink) is for raw food cuttings, eggs shells, etc. and these, along with flower cuttings and similar compostables may be emptied into this large GREEN bin. Garden waste may also be placed in the plastic bins and we will arrange for Community Compost to collect these as well.
        No biodegrable or other plastic bags are to be placed in the Community Compost bins.
    3. Trash / Garbage
        Saanich is actively reducing land fill use. Click here and enter 498 Vincentto access an up-to-date schedule and details about Municipality of Saanich requirements.
        Bagged trash including bones, food wrappers, found pet droppings and un-recyclable materials such as styrofoam should be bagged, tied and placed in the grey bin. The city will not empty them if there is any loose garbage.

      Frequently asked questions
    1. Milk cartons?
        Wax paper cartons are now recyclable. As of 2015, they must be
        placed with plastics.
        Plastic milk jugs are recyclable as plastic.
        Tetra-paks are NOT recyclable.
      1. Paper labels on tin cans?
          These should be removed and recycled as paper (separate from the
          metal). Some of the workers are picky about this—others not—better
          safe than sorry!
      2. What about moving the trash bins to the street?
          Unless we are away, Rob or I will bring the bins to the roadside on collection morning. We’ll return the bins later in the day.
      3. What about the Community Compost service?
          Please deposit raw food waste and garden compostables ONLY - absolutely NO pet droppings, biodegradable plastic, etc. The Community Compost program collects food and garden waste
        Reaching us
        Rob’s shifts mean that he may be sleeping at odd hours. So, for
        general communications, email to info@gardenoaks.ca will
        reach us both so that whoever is first able to respond will do so.
        For more time sensitive text messages and calls, John may be more
        readily available than Rob, so please use 250 891-2997