Coming attractions

  • Posted on: 7 November 2015
  • By: GOFAadmin
    Content in development:
  • Capital Regional District (CRD) blue box and recycling programs (links and details specific to GOFA properties)
  • Links to tenancy related documents (such as the Cleaning Checklist)
    Future development:
  • Content from the former website is scheduled for review.
  • Interest in the gardens has grown beyond the GOFA Community and passers-by regularly ask for information. So, materials developed for the 2013 charity garden tour for Victoria Hospice will be reviewed with intent to provide details on some of the plantings. Rob has stepped up the propagation program for rhododendrons and peonies and John is introducing more herbs. Residents are welcome to selective cutting of herbs and flowers — but please, if you are not a knowledgeable gardener, ask us for tips to ensure that the plants continue to thrive for everyone's enjoyment.

    Curious about the image below? It is part of the concept modelling that John and Rob do in their consulting activity under the banner of IRM Strategies. This model illustrates considerations relative to managing information resources.
Image : 
Records management in a KM model