Residents' Guide

  • Posted on: 2 January 2016
  • By: GOFAadmin

Members of the Garden Oaks Fine Accommodation (GOFA) community include both long term and shorter term residents. As landlords, we are happy to have earned the trust of tenants who have chosen to stay as long as over five years in their home. And, it was a special joy to learn that tenants seeking a larger home, after viewing apartments on the market, chose to stay longer with us until one of our larger suites came available, and then stayed on for several years before another child meant need for an even larger suite.

Our shorter stay guests have come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, China, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden. Closer to home, we have been very pleased that some guests from with Canada and the United States have retuned to stay with us again and again. 

Whether staying for a few weeks or a few months, It is always a pleasure to welcome guests from afar to the paradise we call Oaklands, in beautiful Victoria, B.C. Often, our guests are planning a move to Victoria, or scouting accommodation for children who will study here. Sometimes, we are welcoming "snowbirds", artists, or writers whose stay typically supports local small businesses and, sometimes, contributes a work that lives on to celebrate the neighbourhood. One such example is Fernwood Strolls, by longer term GOFA resident Karen Snowron. An additional aspect of our short-stays at Oaklands 8 and Mid Century Oaks is support for the Belfry Theatre. We are proud to be able to contrbute to Victoria's vibrant arts community by providing accommodation for a theatre company renowned for bringing provocative and entertaining Canadian and international content within a ten minute walk from our GOFA compound. Thank you for supporting us in supporting our community!

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